Our company is a pioneer in the production and export of fresh-cut flowers in Colombia. Grupo Andes Farms has been producing and exporting the best quality flowers for 50 years. Currently, we grow our flowers on two farms in the Savannah of Bogota-Colombia, with over 50 hectares of land and employing over 800 people in the process.


We are part of the Flor Verde Sustainable Flowers Certification Program, where we are held to the most stringent social and environmental standards. The well-being of our workforce, however, goes beyond the Flor Verde Certification. We support the education of many of our employees, helping them to achieve high-school degrees, learn computer skills, as well as offering economic incentive programs to improve their livelihood to an even greater extent. The well-being of our employees has always been, and will continue to be, the backbone of our organization.

Our clients are mainly importers, wholesalers and supermarkets. Russia, Ukraine, Japan, China, US, and Brazil, are only a few of the markets we serve. We have had many decades serving clients from all over the world as a direct result of the great breeding, in-field, and post-harvest excellence that generate superior products that not only travel well but also have exceptional vase-life for the end consumer. We grow more than 60 rose varieties and over 30 alstroemeria varieties. Grupo Andes is also committed to constantly improving our already extensive selection of rose and alstroemeria options to satisfy the ever-evolving market and fashion trends. 

We truly understand that your success depends not only on the quality of our product, but also on individualized and customized service and reliable logistics. Simply Perfect is not just a phrase, it is our way of doing business.