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Social and Environmental Policy

Flores de los Andes S.A.S. C.I. recognizes that one of the most important aspects of management is to care for the environment, within the administration policies were established controls on the impact that their activities can produce in it, as well as programs and activities aimed at protecting the environment, to prevent and mitigate the
potential impacts of such processes.

The company will sign agreements with certification bodies or international institutions , that can contribute to the Company, in part , to fulfill its environmental responsibility and safety for all staff , the entire supply chain and final customer and on the other hand, to the fulfillment of the application of national and international standards

Flores de los Andes S.A.S. is committed to:

  1. Continuously improve production operations and marketing of flowers.
  2. Establish effective mechanisms to minimize the potential consequences arising from the exposure of its employees while working.
  3. Identify, analyze and control the risks associated with their activities. 
  4. To promote the academic, human development and welfare of their employees
  5. Raise the level of customer satisfaction.

Flores de los Andes S.A.S. , will determine the financial, human , physical and technological resources, to implement policies and activities towards the effective implementation of the Environmental and Social Policy.

Signed by:

Elsa Ramirez
General Director